martes, 12 de junio de 2012

European Extremely Large Telescope given go-ahead

Xavier Barcons (Primer Presidente Español del Consejo de ESO) junto a los representantes de los países que financian el gran telescopio:

  1. 39.3m-wide primary mirror (M1) is made up of almost 800 segments
  1. M2 is 4.2m wide and hangs upside down. It will weigh less than 12t
  1. 3.8m-wide M3 sits in a hole in M1. M3 moves with M2 and M4 to focus
  1. 2.4m-wide M4 can deform its shape to remove twinkling in stars
  1. M5 is 2.6m x 2.1m. It stabilises the light on to the instrument detectors
  1. Lasers make artificial stars on the sky to help correct the imaging
  1. E-ELT will have two instrument decks; each deck to hold three units
  1. The telescope will be sensitive to visible and near-infrared light

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